Christos P. Constantinides


The research laboratory of Dr. Constantinides (PI) is located in the Natural Sciences (NSB) building which was extensively renovated in 2016. At present, NSB with a total footage of 118,472ft² , is home to chemistry teaching and research laboratory space. Dr. Constantinides’s (PI) research laboratory (450 ft²) contains three large fume hoods equipped with Schlenk vacuum lines, two Buchi rotary evaporators, one Stanford Research Systems automatic digital melting point apparatus, one Mettler-Toledo analytical and top load balance, two drying ovens, one refrigerator with a low-temperature freezer (-20 °C) and an extensive collection of glassware equipment for organic synthesis for both air stable and air sensitive compounds. The lab is equipped with two large sinks, and sufficient counter space for three students to be working on simultaneously. The lab is also equipped with two office desks and shelf space. Major equipment is located in three easily accessible, adjacent rooms with additional counter space.

Major equipment available at the department required for the spectroscopic characterization of new molecules include: NMR, FT-IR, UV-vis-NIR, Mass Spec., CV, EPR, powder XRD.

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